Hello! I am Thomas Capelle, Machine Learning engineer at Weights and Biases working on the Growth Team. I am responsible of keeping the wandb/examples repository live and up to date. I also build content on ML-OPS, application of wandb to industry and fun deep learning in general. Previously I was using deep learning to solve short term forecasting for solar energy at Steady Sun. I have a background in Urban Planning, Combinatorial Optimization, Transportation Economics and Applied Math.

I love contributing to OSS and the ML community, some of my resources:


[2022-present] ML Engineer @Weights and Biases

  • Improving use experience through examples in wandb/examples.
  • Creating content for fully-connected on how to make machine learning better.
  • Help companies integrating wandb into their MLOPS workflows.

[2020-2021] ML Engineer @Steady Sun

  • Developing of next version of short term forecasting algorithm based on sky imager.
  • Integration of ML tools to the steadysun code base.
  • R&D in Deep Learning for detection/segmentation and forecasting of sky images.
  • Collaboration with NVDIA AI on deployement and production of DL models.

[2018-2020] Research Engineer @INES CEA

  • Development of algorithms for failure detection in Photovoltaic Systems
  • Deep Learning model for parameter regression for IV-curve of photovoltaic modules
  • Thermal Image segmentation and classification model
  • Project engineer and coordination for Franco-Chilean partnership, international cooperation with multidisciplinary laboratories.

[2017-2018] Research Engineer @Inria

  • Integration of spatial models with air quality and forecast models.

[2013–2016] PhD équipe STEEP @Inria

  • Development of mathematical frameworks for urban/transport model calibration
  • Multidisciplinary team work (Engineers, Economists, Urbanists)
  • Supervision of interns work
  • International conferences and peer-reviewed publications

[2011] Master Internship @CIRRELT - Polytech Montréal

[2010] Assistant Professor @Universidad de los Andes

  • Analysis and Algebra for engineers


The full list of my publications is available via Google Scholar


PhD in Computer Science, Université de Grenoble - 2017

MSc in Civil Engineering - Transport, Universidad de Chile - 2013

Mathematical Engineer, Universidad de Chile - 2013


Spanish (mothertongue) - French (native) - English (full professional proficiency C1)

  • You can download my beautiful LaTeX CV here
  • My Kaggle profile here